The meaning of candle colors

The meaning of candle colors

White candle

At beginning of magic ritual choose a proper candle color. A candle color represents a person, situation, wish, or desire, thus are suitable to use them for impersonation.

Every ritual is different, because we must think what will represent for us that candles, and we must use positive thinking techniques. In  consciousness of that utilize a red, white, black, green, or other colored candle.

A symbol of innocence as well as truth. It is very good if we are looking for new things or if someone needs more energy. A white  eliminates negative thought, helps to have a positive view of everyday life. A white is generally suitable for all purposes.

Red candle

A red gives energy, benefic to health, your emotions, your blood, intuition. We light a red when we have a desire for bodily or platonic love, or we want to improve our health. When we talk about ambitious wishes, this color is good for it as well.

Orange candle

This color affects intimate relationships. If someone is not on same wavelength with others, when your request is related to it, an orange light is properly.

Yellow candle

Yellow represents life’s joy, creativity as well intelligence. To increase your creativity or expect more enjoyments from life, a yellow is suitable.

Green candle

A green is used for care as well healing. It has to do with emotional balance also to enduring pursuit of spiritual peace. A color that refers to hope, trust, creation. This represents all things regarding money, success, abundance, luck. If your dream is related to the above, must choose green.

Blue candle

This color of versatility, travel, quick money is used frequently. It also symbolizes justice, wisdom, loyalty, inspiration, health, spiritual peace. It’s a good color for freelancers as well as entrepreneurs. It symbolizes hope for a better future, enthusiasm, diverse ideas. Great for lovers. Use this in that case when you have a lover. Also, color of protection, in your home will protect everybody from harmful energies.

Indigo candle

It is quite difficult to get an indigo, so deep blue is also suitable. Symbolize home, keeps family in safety, take care of family members. Full color, use this color if you wish to help other people.

Violet – purple candles

These are purely spiritual colors, should use them just if do you want to achieve spiritual or philosophical evolution. Represent knowledges, intelligence, but they are also good if somebody have a desire for learning, mental development. Violet is also a color of relaxation, good for tired people or those who are under a lot of stress.

Pink candle

It is known that pink is color of romance, so this is what you should choose if someone wants to be in love, essential to strengthen romantic relationships. A pink has a huge positive impact to our long-term financial success, so is good news that is allowed to use it even if your wishes are related to finances or business benefits. Pink is a sign of noble, clean, straight, honest intentions. It symbolizes tenderness, love, loyalty.

Silver candle

This is responsible for inner growth or evolution. If you are interested about intuition or occult science, do you want to enlarge your knowledges, should use a silver! This color is related to artistic values as well as everything that is beautiful.

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