The law of attraction

The law of attraction is the best known theory of spiritual law.
Yet, in practice, so few uses the power inherent in it. Now we’ll show you how to apply the law of attraction in your relationships easily and simply. You do not have to believe it, just try these 8 + 1 steps and use it for a month – the result will be spectacular.

Realize what you do not wish!

This is a step that many people miss out on using the law of attraction. Many people are mistaken that working with the law of attraction cannot look at the hardships of their lives because then they create more of them. However, this is a mistake in this form. To start your journey, to make a difference in your life, you need to know where you are going from and what you are changing.


Stop for a moment, look around your life, and find what you don’t wish. It’s best to write a comprehensive directory of what you wish to change through law of attraction.

2. Determine exactly what you wish to attract in your life.

If you already have a record of what you don’t wish, here’s the
next step: what you really want to achieve with law of attraction.
Yes, I know: relationships. Through the law of attraction you’ll achieve your goals easily. Or love. Maybe a wedding. Perhaps you’ll use powerful love spells. But exactly what and how? It’s important to understand that every event that happens to you, and you do not like it, actually serves the purpose of recognizing what you want. “I do not wish this” is not enough
for the law of attraction. Imagine yourself ordering in a restaurant. You’re not saying to the waiter, “I’m hungry because I don’t have food. Now I do not wish to be hungry, work out what’s best for me. ”Instead, you study the menu and order exactly the food you desire.


Put together your order, what you will experience instead of what you are experiencing right now. Also, make a comprehensive checklist of all areas of your life.

3. Focus on your personal goals.

Now that you know what are your goals and what you do not wish, you can decide what you’re focusing on. Most of us have been raised to focus on what we don’t want, “I do not want to be single.” Or, “I do not want to date more idiots.” you don’t want to, then you ask the law of attraction to bring into your life what you don’t want. The law of attraction always brings what you focus on in your life. Therefore, concentrate on the lists you have made in the previous two steps, which list your desires.


Throw it away, burn it, and destroy the first list, the one that you don’t want. But keep the second list, your wish list, read it often, read it, pay attention to the good things that come out of it.

4. Find slightly more positive thoughts.

For the law of attraction to bring love or other good things into your life, you will also need to think more positively. To do this, you can use mantras, present-day affirmations that help to reshape your life. But it is important to know that mantras and positive thoughts work best if you can accept them, if you can believe them, as the mantra states.The best solution is to start working on your thoughts consciously yourself. Find what positive thoughts you can accept that you almost feel are true to your life. You may can study the geometry of faith.


Take a piece of paper and write down what you think about your life now, which you think about your relationship now (if you do not have a relationship now) and your relationship in general. (Of course, you can write down a list of your thoughts for each of your other goals.) Choose the most positive three ideas from the list and focus on them. Create one of them with even more positive thoughts and make them cheerful. You should rewrite this list at least once a week. You will be amazed at how quickly your thoughts become more and more positives.

5. Accept your emotions.

When you work with the law of attraction, you are consciously shaping your thoughts and listening and accepting your emotions. Many people believe that emotions need to be shaped or anyone can prescribe what we need to feel.

However, this is not the case. Emotions are messages from your soul that show you exactly what you need to do to reach your goal. As you consciously choose increasingly positive thoughts, it is worthwhile to observe and accept your emotions. Your emotions work like a compass: they show you where it is worth to go to achieve your desired goals.


Through the law of attraction observe your emotions, observe your desires and follow them. You may think that your desire, which stems from the depth of your heart, is stupid or takes it away from the goals you set out in point two, but that’s not true. Your heart desires always lead to happiness, even if your logical mind does not understand how they do it.

6. Act!

To work consciously with the law of attraction does not mean that you are leaning back, but that you are doing conscious work. You have realized what you do not wish, you have decided what you want, you have already focused on your goals, you have found positive thoughts that are acceptable to you, and you already feel exactly what you want to do.

Then it’s time to do it! It is important to know that all your desires are worth following, not only those that you can clearly relate to what is on your list in step two.


Do it for your goals. Do at least three things each day that will drive your desires in step two. You are really effective at choosing one or up to two points from your list and doing those three steps for them. These steps can be quite small, the point is to always do what you can do.

7. Others do not know what to do.

How you achieve your goals is best known to yourself. As you saw in point five, your internal emotional control system knows exactly what to do. This system is the only one that really answers the question of what to do. It’s not worth discussing it with others and it’s not worth asking what you would do in my place. It can easily make you confused. Once you know what you want to do, you can seek help from others, but it is always up to you.


Instead of listening to others’ opinions and advice, listen to your heart and check regularly to see if you are actually doing step five.

8. Give thanks!

If you’ve taken the previous seven steps, positive changes in your life will inevitably start (even though they might not be the ones, you chose in step two.) You can reinforce positive events with the energy of gratitude. Give thanks for every good thing that has happened to you (whether it was on your list or not)!

These good things may seem insignificant, but it is worth noticing and celebrating them. And if you achieve what you set out to do, for example, when happy love comes into your life, celebrates and experiences the gratitude and joy you feel!


Take time for gratitude every day. It’s best to write down in the evening what were the best five things of your day. And if you reach something on your second step list, then consciously
enjoy every moment of joy and happiness.

+1 Repeat from the beginning!

You can make good use of the law of attraction by not only going through these eight steps once, but incorporating them all into your life. First you should take the time and devote a day to each step along with the practice. But if you have done this, if you are already consciously working on
the law of attraction, then incorporate every step into your life.

Constantly recognize when you come across something you do not like, identify what you want and pay attention to the latter. Choose the most positive of your situation and make it even better. Observe your feelings and after accordingly without trying to please other. Finally, to give thanks for the positive change.

If you are constantly working on the law of attraction in all your cases, you will use these eight steps side by side, simultaneously and simultaneously. With a little practice, every step becomes automatic in your thinking. But if necessary, from time to time, take out this list of eight, and consciously go through these steps!