Pray and positive thinking

When someone gets into trouble, some begin to pray,even if they are atheists, and when they are angry, the curse runs out of the mouth without even remembering that these words are actually negative prayers and can easily come true. Because cursing and prayer come from a single root. Just like love magic.

Positive prayer.

Come on, who wouldn’t have thought what good would be to do a magic ritual. You do not need to be a parapsychologist, witch, or wizard to transfer your will to others or simply by the power of will to achieve our desires. It’s enough a strong desire, positive thinking and it happens.

and it happens.

I want it – at all costs! ”- teaches the simplest method of fulfilling desires, the best-seller, The Secret. After the releasing of this little book, more and more people have decided that they will make use of the power of knowledge, they will achieve their most hidden desires. And more and more people are finding it “working”. However, caution does not hurt.

The power of prayer.

A young girl was very longing to finally be her own master,
without having to depend from her parents. As he walked, he always stopped on the hillside in front of a house and thought, “I want a beautiful house like this! I need this. At any cost!” And in a year, all her wishes were fulfilled.

However, she couldn’t be happy about it. Because she paid a high price for it. Her parents suffered an awful accident from a crazy trucker’s fault. Their car caught fire and both of them died instantly. She inherited everything: house, car, bank deposit. After her prayer she became her own master. The word has magical power if it is endowed properly.

When you wish something bad, do you radiate negative energy (positive energy in the case of blessing) from around you. After many studies, British and American university researchers have officially declared that “faith not only protects from eternal damnation, but also prolongs life on earth.”

Positive energy.

Prior to this being stated, they did a research on thousands of patients, professional prayers, priests, monks, nuns (Prayer for hundreds of unknown sick patients, also this control group included hundreds of patients for whom no one had prayed.) And it turned out that significantly fewer of those who prayed for died.

In that Scottish university clinic, some people who had never gone to church were examined, and the researchers observed those who went to church at least once in a week, the resistance of immune-system to infection was higher than in case of non-praying elders. It means clearly that the power of prayer give us positive energy.

A well-spoken prayer either is a positive thinking and goodwill too. It has already been proved by scientific experiments that
the power of will can work miracles. And prayer is actually a very powerful form of concentration when only one thing floating in front of the prayer persons eye: the desired goal.

Is very practical to burning white candles for protection. This goal can be achieved by meditation and strong concentration. Indeed, generating positive energy and transferring it to others helps them. The scientist now are able to measure the healing positive energy.

Pray well.

Those who prays correctly will achieve the desired goals if describe his vishes very detailed. “God, give me to heal” Or “Do I have to heal? The therapy, doctors, willpower, the heaven will helps me? ”But is difficult to heal if someone prays like, “God, give me not to die, ”Can’t I die.” The word “no” its negative charge quenches the positive energies, as does the thought of death.

American researchers conducted a survey among university students, and it turned out that those who, before to pulling out exam items, they focused very heavily on which item they didn’t want to pull out – because they didn’t really know – almost all of them were reaching the dreaded item.

It would have been much better if they had focused on what they knew and wanted to pull it off. Whoever is in love with a married man and prays for his lover to leave his family for his sake, thinks only of his own happiness, not even thinking that he is ruining others.

And you can’t even imagine that someday someone will take away the sweetheart you finally got. Or worse, the curse of a former wife will make years spent together unhappy.