Love magic

In most of cases people request help from a skilled magician. Often, however, only a little love magic can help. These love magic rituals you can do alone without any skill. Love magic only works if someone is honest with himself, every day, do what is necessary with a pure heart for what her or him desire. Because love magic is a creative power of thought to achieve our desired goals.

Magic landscape above of the clouds, lovers before sunsrise held each other’s hands.

Love attraction with love magic.

Require two red candles – male, female.

You have to personalize those candles, take them in hand. Imagine that these candles represent that person. These magic candles should be placed on a shelf away from each other for several days. Light them daily, get closer to each other while imagining you are getting closer to your love. When this love magic is almost done, are placed side by side, must melt them together.

What should I do to please him with love magic?

Find a good photo of yourself. Cut it into a heart shape when is full moon, trim the edges with yarns of different colors. Put it in a photo frame, set it on your bedside table or desk. Put it around with your sweetest flowers, light a vanilla scented candle – like an eastern altar. Stand in front of the picture, light the candle, just think about how beautiful you are in that magic picture.

Love attraction forever.

I want to finally feel sincere love.

Follow few steps to make this love magic ritual: In moonlight, put in a small box, a few drops of fragrant vegetable oil, a small bunch of hair, some small object or piece of jewelry that is very important, that you consider essential. Now light a red candle. Also some coriander, cumin, saffron. Tie that box with a golden cord. Hand this box over to the night sky as a sacrifice gift, request help by praying.

I would like to meet the love of my life.

Choose a silver figure. For example, apples represent endurance, ladders for progress, dolphins for love. Tie this symbolic object with a ribbon of silk to a rosemary branch, lift your branch, figure several times to sky when the moon grows, while listing qualities you are proud of, those you would like to find in your new partner. Believe that your request will be fulfilled.

I want to move along with my lover using love magic.

Weave braids from three (about seventy-five centimeters) red silk ribbons, attach it to your hair. Must keep that ribbon in your hair from sunrise to sunset, think of your loved one as much as possible, use to drinking his or her glass always. Must praying for long-lasting relationship, to move on, to love each other for a long time. If you strongly desire this love magic, if do you think a lot during every day about it, a positive outcome is more certain.

I wish to know if really loves me.

At a rising moon, write your dear name on parchment paper. Take a candle scented with lavender, light that candle with this paper. While your candle is burning, focus on your wish! What you feel during this love magic with a scented candle also feels your dear. This love magic is very powerful.

Romantic evening at coastline.

I want you to marry me.

Put twelve nuts (fertility symbol) a piece of paper containing his initials under a tree, concentrate fully on a wedding ceremony! Then sew a little silk bag, put a photo of you two, a sheet of paper as well nuts. Fold your silk-bag, place it in vine-arbor (or a flowered part of house) stretch your palms toward the bag twice daily, to be sure that your love magic will be successful (eleven o’clock, three o’clock afternoon).

I wish he to seduce me.

Make a love magic drink mix: light a red candle. Put lemon, orange slices in 100ml cognac, let stand for two hours! Add to mix anise-extract, let this mixture rest for another two hours. Then drop this drink into a glass through a fine filter. Now put out this candle. Drink this together with your partner, he won’t be able to resist!

I want you to love only me.

Gild two small keys. Walk with your partner to a nearby forest or park! There, cut one piece of each other’s hair, pull it over these keys, put them in a matchbox. From then on, you both carry these keys that leads to the other’s heart.

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