How it works – Curse

An energetic assault as well as cursing serves to break victim’s energy balance, possibly reducing his or her vitality and, in extreme cases, causing death. To curse someone can be very dangerous either to  target person or witch. A return shock will be almost certainly several times stronger than original energy, so can easily turn back to source of a curse.

Effects of a curse

Always it is good to know what kind of effects it exerts on  human body and psychics which are recognizable if you are a victim of certain unpleasant symptoms in various forms of manifestation.

  • if you wake up at night without any reason.
  • strange feeling of an inner warms which enhance in time.
  • energy loss, decreased vitality.
  • you can feel like someone pushes you anywhere on your body.
  • chills, palpitations, sweating, local pain, unfounded excitements.

These symptoms could occur without any implication of a curse spontaneous however, must think about a potential energetic attack especially when any sickness are excluded. Before to begin any curse removal ritual is recommended to make sure that it is a real curse. Attention: a curse is more effective if his target is sensitive for these negative energies, and this is important from mental and energetic viewpoints.

Reinforced curse with spiritual power

If certainly we talk about an energetic assault an attacker first probably will try to taste his victim to know how strong are and how big resistance can expect from target person. When an attacker is determined all above symptoms can occur simultaneously. In this situation is hard to neutralize a curse but always exist a proper way to remove these malefic forces. One of these ways is to use proper spells from a love attraction book.

In many cases your enemy has strong psychic abilities. A group of people are able to curse much efficiently than just one, these energies strengthen each other. When the trouble has already happened is quick and effective help, if you take a shower or a bath, thereby those harmful energies peel down from human aurae.

How to protect yourself

Take a shower or a bath. Think about it. After a shower everybody feels himself better not just because that refreshes us, but also if you have collected a lot of negativities after a stressful medium day after taking a shower you’ll feel yourself relieved, because a bath keeps clean our energetic system. This protection is accessible for anyone and is very efficient. Also don’t forget about praying, is a powerful protection.

After we have fixed our problem temporary by this way,  is recommended to request help from an initiated person who know exactly what must do in your case. Try to avoid that charlatans who don’t have solid knowledges about curse, who just say that they are skilled in curse removal.

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