Four Signs You Are Being Attacked By Black Magic

Love avoids you and constantly suffering in unhappy life situations?

Black magick ritual, a witch makes a curse surrounded by black magic objects and black negative energies.
Black magic witchcraft.

Curses and hexes have traditionally been associated with witches and folk tales. You don’t need to have special abilities to give someone a negative feeling or life experience. If we thinking just in energies and forget for a moment about physical world it is already known that thoughts with different vibration waves are even more powerful if they are amplified with words. One of your enemies or a disappointed person by you can easily bring you down – even without much intent. However, you can easily recognize these specific signs.

The weapon of the poor.

Witchcraft with black magic and hexes. How to cast a hex.
Negative energies can destroy your life.

People have believed in the power of the uttered word since ancient times. It was the weapon of the oppressed and the poor. A curse or hex is a kind of attack that’s always based on bad intent. It is often unconscious that this black magick action can be carried out. A curse or hexes is a kind of attack that’s always based on bad intent, but this magic action can be carried out often unconsciously.

If someone spends a lot of time with his own bad intended black thoughts, they are amplified direct proportionally with the length of the time. But not on only everyday activities can it have an unpleasant effect, also in love can have serious consequences. A love affair is basically a romantic thing, but it is undisputed that even without a curse, the privacy of the target person can be ruined.

Signs that you are cursed.

If you have too many bad things going on in your daily life, which may is accompanied by a negative change in your mood,
is not sure that it is a random coincidence – as well as your failed privacy attempts.

Depressing dreams.

Since ancient times, the correct interpretation of dreams were important. If someone in dreams are bonded or is surrounded by black spirits can be a sign that is cursed. Unpleasant sexual dreams, in which someone wants to dominate you. It’s not possible to explain by your uncomfortable position in bed, so there may be a curse in the background.

Regardless of whether you have a friend or not. Suddenly think of someone who you previously never looked like a person who was sympathetic to you. Strange feeling of attachment to someone. It is assumed that the person has sent an unwittingly curse upon you by his boundless devotion.


The eternal fight between evil and God.
Eternal struggle between evil and God.

If you are experiencing the above two symptoms, you must focus much more to the overall bad mood. You may feel yourself weak, tired, restless and can’t find your place at night in bad. You should also suspect that is you victim of black magic.

Heart symptoms.

Do you sometimes feel pain in your heart, or your heart beat faster than usual, or do you feel like your energy is flowing out of there through a black tunnel? If the curse manifests itself in the form of physical symptoms, a medical examination may be warranted. What can you do about it?

First and foremost, must strengthen your positive thinking, by this way you can escape from black magic. If you want protective talismans or amulets, these Wearable objects offers you a high level of protection. At ironmongery stores buy iron pyrite, amber or hematite and carry it in a red bag.

An easier solution might be to knot a red thread nine times and then tie it to your wrist. You can also defeat black magic with salt, which has been used for centuries to counteract black magic negative effects. You can wear smaller crystals of salt on your necklace or get rid of the harmful effects with this ceremony. Add about two tablespoons of salt to one and a half liters of water. Wash yourself with this salted water. Don’t wash down the salt water. Make sure that the salt does not dry out your skin. If these home practices prove to be ineffective, it is the best to consult an expert to remove the curse or hexes from you.

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