Features of twin flame love and the stages of twin flame encounters.

There is only one twin flame for everyone. He is the other half of our spirit. Their frequency number is the same. They have to be together, constantly looking for a merger.

Your Twin Flame is like you. It shows you a mirror image, which is why it’s hard to bear because it reflects all of the features you don’t like.

Fate will not bring you together – or if it does, it will not – until both parties have found harmony within themselves.

Twin flame love, lovers between montains.

After all, how can you expect someone to accept if you can’t accept yourself? And how can you accept someone who is just like you if you don’t love yourself?

When develop yourself, you raise him, if someone is in bad mood and are negative, you also pull him down. So always be positive!

If have felt these experiences with your beloved one, you’ll have a good chance of really finding your twin flame:

1 – They feel an energy like never before.

It is as if someone are moving into another dimension and time is stopping around them. You shine and you gain a lot of power as your energies merge together with your twin flame.

2 – Don’t understand why, but you love her.

You don’t know her, also don’t know anything about him yet, but with all your cells you desire him,the law of attraction comes into play. Is perfect simply just because he or she exists.

3 – You two feel each other, you know what happens to each other.

You are in tune with each other, you are energetically inseparable. Even if you are not physically in one place with your twin flame.

4 – The spiritual development accelerates.

The infinite love and strength replace your fears. Your twin flame feel himself strong, and you too.

5 – If you are together with twin flame.

If you are together with your beloved one do you feel yourselfe invincible, also successful.

6 – Your energy blends even without a physical touch.

Is a wonderful feeling which isn’t comparable to anything else feeling.

Young dancing couple, wonderful magic twin flame love.

It is believed that when the souls came to earth, the gods split them – one male and one female. Since then, they have been searching for each other for more lives, more incarnations. It is the task of the souls to find their own separated half, and this desire drives them so far from living apart that their destiny somehow guides them to one another.

But most of them only encounter the other half of their souls in their last incarnation. Because twin flame love is not only a wonderful love, it is also a huge responsibility.
The twin flames come together to light their love for others. Their task is to serve others through teaching, by the example, often by healing, by artistic activity, or by some spiritual ministry.

This twin flame love is so beautiful that the couple feels and experiences a wonderful energy connection. It is as if one of them is in pain and the other is feeling it. When one thinks of the other, the other feels it. When one is happy, the other feels it.

They experience miracles.

They experience miracles as if they were gaining everything new meaning, as if every detail was perfectly in place, as if everything had become clear now: all previous experience was to prepare for twin flame love.

The relationship is difficult because their twin flame souls are perfectly the same. They are the same in their love of knowledge, in their behavior towards others, in their humor, in how they deal with their problems, and in many important issues. Thus, when one encounter with one’s self,
one can be spooky.

One’s reactions are reflected in the other’s reactions and are forced to unfold in one’s own development. The warrior ego collapses step by step, missing out on games, as it becomes completely unneeded between two twin flame souls who feel perfectly at ease without uttering words.

They lift each other up, develop together, so they progress very fast in the spiritual realm: they quickly get rid of their fears, have more and more intuition, and become more free in their emotions. Their task is to fulfill the love of the soul, beyond the spiritual highs, in their earthly lives and to serve others with their love.

Does everyone have a twin flame?

No, not everyone, at least not in this life, but there are many and more and more are finding their partner.

There are only three things that cause separation. A low vibration, thinking of your twin flame over there, or subconscious/conscious rejection. That burning in your heart chakra is an indication of one or all three things.

Both of them can recognize each other once they have both reached a certain spiritual level. Therefore, it is rare to have a meeting at the age of twelve or twenty. This level of maturity and awareness means that all two parties must love themselves and be open to
others with love and heart.

When they do, their acceptance is already a good way to recognize each other.

How can i find my twin flame?

It’s a miracle, a fantastic feeling. When we are ready to recognize, it is an unmistakable,
breathtaking experience. It’s like a spark bouncing from one to the other, and the energy of the two becoming a huge fire and merging over their heads. When they talk, they feel as if beyond their own words and posture, their souls are caressing each other without words.

The feeling and thoughts of “I have come home”, “found”, “I know, I love him for a thousand years, just because it exists”, and for long moments everything disappears around them, they exist only for each other.

They release energy that binds them inexorably. The twin flame energy between them connects them together forever. Whatever happens, they can feel each other for thousands of kilometers and find each other in a crowd following the words of their inner voice. Their souls want to be together…

Twin flame love was united by the heavens, and if the two souls were to unite into a common third, nothing could stand in the way: neither an existing marriage nor any other obstacle.

If the twin souls meet while one of them is married, then that marriage is probably about to break down, and that’s why it’s time for them to meet.

While their love can be fulfilled in their earthly existence and work together to serve others, the couple has to go through many difficulties.

Relationships therefore have a lot of pain, but they include the potential for development that will make it a real earthly miracle.

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