The curse is a form of expression, a destructive, harmful intention submitted by one person to another, with the express purpose of putting on it negative energy that can cause sadness and else kind of suffering like misery, bitterness, and possibly death in target families as well as persons so, it is real black magic. We use our supernatural abilities when we curse someone with prayers, magic or ghosts. In many religions and beliefs, cursing is associated strong with rituals. The curse word can also mean a blow. A Hindi fakir is able to curse, to make as well as to bless.

The curse is notorious in different cultures under different names:

For example:

-in Africa it’s represented by Jinx or Haitan.

 -in Marathi „shapam”

– In India it is called „shaap”

 – In Tamil Sabam”

In the Middle East and Mediterranean cultures, the curse is known as the devil’s eye, which is believed that it’s the effect of envy, and less often the result of deliberate cursing. To avoid curse, black magic and the devil’s eyes, they make a round blue glass with a white circle positioned at the center of it which represents a human eye. There are those who think that if you don’t believe in it, can’t hurt you.

I ensure you that the above statement is completely false.

These metaphysical sciences are notorious under this name: magic. Don’t matter if is white or black, that energies aren’t good or bad, only your intention is important, what goals you want to reach with the aid of these informations. The knowledge itself is neutral, the results of these practices can be positive or negative, it depends just for us what we want to do.

Generally any kind of intervention in other’s life which limits people free will can be categorized as a curse. The love spell is known as a white magical practice. The interesting side of this intervention is that apparently can be successful for several months maybe more. After a while however, that curse will loose from his strengthen so must repeat this ritual intervention to the victim of love spell.

True story about curse

I heard about a case when a young woman was in love with a handsome young man, but her love was unrequited. This young woman got help from an old woman who were initiated in cursing and love spell practices, she was very acclaimed and knew exactly how to make a spell. After short time the young man fell in love. They got married and twenty year long they were together, their child was born after one year.

Yearly two times her mother went to the witch to repeat the ritual and keep the love spell on high level permanently. After twenty years the husband did find another woman. He divorced his wife and got married to a new woman.

Why did it end this story with a sad divorce?

The witch dies. Without witch’s curse the marriage has not any chance. After these events the man wasn’t interested about his child from the first marriage and his ex-wife too. This sad but true story is a convincing example why we must avoid this kind of curse even if we believe that we act in the right way. With these practices we are able to cause huge sufferings as well as disappointments.

Unwanted side effects of a curse

Regarding the curse, to give you a better insight, i feel i must talk about side effects. The curse can turn back to the sender, excepting that cases when the sender build up a defensive barrier around his body, built in various ways. Another method to avoid the returning curse is the hijacking the curse onto a false target. More or less this defense can be effectual. The religious people generally believe so when someone makes something wrong in his life will be punished by divinity.

Keep your fantasy under control

The divinity is a collective notion for those universal laws which we cannot understand yet. Every action has a reaction. Whatever you imagine on your spiritual screen, later may became reality, thus is essential to control what images have you on your inner screen. The emotional charge of inner display is important. When you imagine an event which is accompanied by a strong emotional charge, the chances that those imaginary event will appear in our real world is high.

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