How it works – Curse

An energetic assault as well as cursing serves to break victim’s energy balance, possibly reducing his or her vitality and, in extreme cases, causing death. To curse someone can be very dangerous either to  target person or witch. A return shock will be almost certainly several times stronger than original energy, so can easily turn back to source of a curse.

Effects of a curse

Always it is good to know what kind of effects it exerts on  human body and psychics which are recognizable if you are a victim of certain unpleasant symptoms in various forms of manifestation.

  • if you wake up at night without any reason.
  • strange feeling of an inner warms which enhance in time.
  • energy loss, decreased vitality.
  • you can feel like someone pushes you anywhere on your body.
  • chills, palpitations, sweating, local pain, unfounded excitements.

These symptoms could occur without any implication of a curse spontaneous however, must think about a potential energetic attack especially when any sickness are excluded. Before to begin any curse removal ritual is recommended to make sure that it is a real curse. Attention: a curse is more effective if his target is sensitive for these negative energies, and this is important from mental and energetic viewpoints.

Reinforced curse with spiritual power

If certainly we talk about an energetic assault an attacker first probably will try to taste his victim to know how strong are and how big resistance can expect from target person. When an attacker is determined all above symptoms can occur simultaneously. In this situation is hard to neutralize a curse but always exist a proper way to remove these malefic forces. One of these ways is to use proper spells from a love attraction book.

In many cases your enemy has strong psychic abilities. A group of people are able to curse much efficiently than just one, these energies strengthen each other. When the trouble has already happened is quick and effective help, if you take a shower or a bath, thereby those harmful energies peel down from human aurae.

How to protect yourself

Take a shower or a bath. Think about it. After a shower everybody feels himself better not just because that refreshes us, but also if you have collected a lot of negativities after a stressful medium day after taking a shower you’ll feel yourself relieved, because a bath keeps clean our energetic system. This protection is accessible for anyone and is very efficient. Also don’t forget about praying, is a powerful protection.

After we have fixed our problem temporary by this way,  is recommended to request help from an initiated person who know exactly what must do in your case. Try to avoid that charlatans who don’t have solid knowledges about curse, who just say that they are skilled in curse removal.



The curse is a form of expression, a destructive, harmful intention submitted by one person to another, with the express purpose of putting on it negative energy that can cause sadness and else kind of suffering like misery, bitterness, and possibly death in target families as well as persons so, it is real black magic. We use our supernatural abilities when we curse someone with prayers, magic or ghosts. In many religions and beliefs, cursing is associated strong with rituals. The curse word can also mean a blow. A Hindi fakir is able to curse, to make as well as to bless.

The curse is notorious in different cultures under different names:

For example:

-in Africa it’s represented by Jinx or Haitan.

 -in Marathi „shapam”

– In India it is called „shaap”

 – In Tamil Sabam”

In the Middle East and Mediterranean cultures, the curse is known as the devil’s eye, which is believed that it’s the effect of envy, and less often the result of deliberate cursing. To avoid curse, black magic and the devil’s eyes, they make a round blue glass with a white circle positioned at the center of it which represents a human eye. There are those who think that if you don’t believe in it, can’t hurt you.

I ensure you that the above statement is completely false.

These metaphysical sciences are notorious under this name: magic. Don’t matter if is white or black, that energies aren’t good or bad, only your intention is important, what goals you want to reach with the aid of these informations. The knowledge itself is neutral, the results of these practices can be positive or negative, it depends just for us what we want to do.

Generally any kind of intervention in other’s life which limits people free will can be categorized as a curse. The love spell is known as a white magical practice. The interesting side of this intervention is that apparently can be successful for several months maybe more. After a while however, that curse will loose from his strengthen so must repeat this ritual intervention to the victim of love spell.

True story about curse

I heard about a case when a young woman was in love with a handsome young man, but her love was unrequited. This young woman got help from an old woman who were initiated in cursing and love spell practices, she was very acclaimed and knew exactly how to make a spell. After short time the young man fell in love. They got married and twenty year long they were together, their child was born after one year.

Yearly two times her mother went to the witch to repeat the ritual and keep the love spell on high level permanently. After twenty years the husband did find another woman. He divorced his wife and got married to a new woman.

Why did it end this story with a sad divorce?

The witch dies. Without witch’s curse the marriage has not any chance. After these events the man wasn’t interested about his child from the first marriage and his ex-wife too. This sad but true story is a convincing example why we must avoid this kind of curse even if we believe that we act in the right way. With these practices we are able to cause huge sufferings as well as disappointments.

Unwanted side effects of a curse

Regarding the curse, to give you a better insight, i feel i must talk about side effects. The curse can turn back to the sender, excepting that cases when the sender build up a defensive barrier around his body, built in various ways. Another method to avoid the returning curse is the hijacking the curse onto a false target. More or less this defense can be effectual. The religious people generally believe so when someone makes something wrong in his life will be punished by divinity.

Keep your fantasy under control

The divinity is a collective notion for those universal laws which we cannot understand yet. Every action has a reaction. Whatever you imagine on your spiritual screen, later may became reality, thus is essential to control what images have you on your inner screen. The emotional charge of inner display is important. When you imagine an event which is accompanied by a strong emotional charge, the chances that those imaginary event will appear in our real world is high.

Details about curse


A curse affects your natural energy field, a negative block is settled on aura. Several types of curse are known but  most important is: curse and self-cursing. A curse stick up to any aspect of  life or to objects,  like family members, objects, house car, can affect pets as well.

Self curse

Self curse: is that process when always we think that nothing will succeed in life, you’ll not commence new things because you’re afraid for failing, we are in a continuous infinite circle of negative feelings.

With these harmful thoughts we can block our own aura and chakra functions, furthermore you’ll build up a bad self cursed fate. From this time onward don’t have to wonder if every aspect of your life will be surrounded with fails. Nowadays most frequently we heard about curses are aimed to job, career, family and health.

Why is possible to cursing someone?

Everything in universe is build up from energy, which connect everything together. Everybody know those effects of positive energy. Near our loved ones and between lovers is clear perceptible.

These energies are moving between people like negative energies. If someone is close to a cursed person may it is perceptible. Very likely you also met situations when did you felt that you aren’t sympathetic to others, though that another man or women tried to cover his feeling with any price. However, was clear that something is not right.

Other good example: inexplicable bad premonition.

Why do we feel it?

Because these energies move freely between humans they make energy transfers, of course by these energetic channels we are able  to curse others.

Essentially is two ways through we can receive a curse:

  1. From somebody from our circle of friends, job or neighbor
  2. from a spiritually trained professional who was paid to cursing someone

Curses is just one from four kind of black magic.


Is a harmful negative spell. A swear is like a slow killing poison which have slow but dangerous effects. Or is aimed directly to cursed people, or to cursed person’s  friends, family members who will have negative influence to primary target. Swearing can damage your body as well as causing damage to soul and mind which can lead to insanity and death.

Voodoo doll

Regarding to a human aura: connect all different parts of body thru an energetic field which is able to transfer either curse or blessing. Through this kind of curse becomes possible to get a full control above a human. Is suitable to have control above dreams and subconscious of a victim.

Black magic in forrest, a women curse someone.

Demon summons

This ritual is not an integral part of black magic but demons and bad intended spirits yes. A bad intended person uses these connections to curse someone indirectly, demons do all dirty job.


They are similar with messengers. Who is experienced in black magical practices, generally have a very good control above their own feelings, which is a powerful method to have a strong control above other’s destiny.