Details about curse

How to curse someone, behind of a dancing girl are two malefic hand ready to catch her.


A curse affects your natural energy field, a negative block is settled on aura. Several types of curse are known but  most important is: curse and self-cursing. A curse stick up to any aspect of  life or to objects,  like family members, objects, house car, can affect pets as well.

Self curse

Self curse: is that process when always we think that nothing will succeed in life, you’ll not commence new things because you’re afraid for failing, we are in a continuous infinite circle of negative feelings.

With these harmful thoughts we can block our own aura and chakra functions, furthermore you’ll build up a bad self cursed fate. From this time onward don’t have to wonder if every aspect of your life will be surrounded with fails. Nowadays most frequently we heard about curses are aimed to job, career, family and health.

Why is possible to cursing someone?

Everything in universe is build up from energy, which connect everything together. Everybody know those effects of positive energy. Near our loved ones and between lovers is clear perceptible.

These energies are moving between people like negative energies. If someone is close to a cursed person may it is perceptible. Very likely you also met situations when did you felt that you aren’t sympathetic to others, though that another man or women tried to cover his feeling with any price. However, was clear that something is not right.

Other good example: inexplicable bad premonition.

Why do we feel it?

Because these energies move freely between humans they make energy transfers, of course by these energetic channels we are able  to curse others.

Essentially is two ways through we can receive a curse:

  1. From somebody from our circle of friends, job or neighbor
  2. from a spiritually trained professional who was paid to cursing someone

Curses is just one from four kind of black magic.


Is a harmful negative spell. A swear is like a slow killing poison which have slow but dangerous effects. Or is aimed directly to cursed people, or to cursed person’s  friends, family members who will have negative influence to primary target. Swearing can damage your body as well as causing damage to soul and mind which can lead to insanity and death.

Voodoo doll

Regarding to a human aura: connect all different parts of body thru an energetic field which is able to transfer either curse or blessing. Through this kind of curse becomes possible to get a full control above a human. Is suitable to have control above dreams and subconscious of a victim.

Black magic in forrest, a women curse someone.

Demon summons

This ritual is not an integral part of black magic but demons and bad intended spirits yes. A bad intended person uses these connections to curse someone indirectly, demons do all dirty job.


They are similar with messengers. Who is experienced in black magical practices, generally have a very good control above their own feelings, which is a powerful method to have a strong control above other’s destiny.

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