About me

Already in my teen age I felt an attraction to power of mind, I was interested about brain control, meditation, bioenergy as well. The human is powered by a fine, but complicated energetic system which if become instabile, affects our body, health, feelings and our destiny too. Later I faced with the power of soul when someone on a party tries to give me devil-eye.

I felt a minute long a heavy disorientation, I did know that something it happening with me, and suddenly I noticed that person who looking on me continuously. After i noticed him, he stops. My first angry reaction were that i go to him and i’ll claim an explanation.

I did  change my mind,  and I supposed that person wouldn’t admit what he did. After this I realized how much damage can do a bad intended person. Since that time my interest turns much more to this science. Yes, Í consider science. The magic is a metaphysical science which can use blessing and cursing too.

The infos  what I share with you on this webpage comes from authentic sources like Buddhism, Hinduism, the main Christian faiths and other sources like authentic authors who dealing with occult sciences.

My goal with this site is to offer to readers accurate infos about black magic, blessing, love spells in the interest of correct use of these knowledges ín order to avoid any misfortune and harm.