Healing stones.

The healing stones are used as accessories for rituals, but they are also known as amulets. When worn in this form, the healing stones are not only very strong but also real jewels that blend nicely with their wearer outfit.

Here are the healing stones and their benefits:

Healing stones – Agate.

Agate healing effects:

The agate stabilizes the aura, absorbs and converts negative energies. It has a powerful cleansing effect, both physically and emotionally. When placed on heart, it has a beneficial effect on emotional disorders that impede the acceptance of love.

If is placed on stomach stimulates digestion and relieves gastritis. It heals the eyes, stomach and uterus, cleanse the lymphatic system and pancreas, strengthens the capillaries, removes skin diseases.

Relieve stressful symptoms, mental pain, and reduces fatigue, protective, luck, soothing, brain function as development, digestion, aura purifying. The agates create an emotional, physical and intellectual balance.

They help focus and stabilize physical energy. The power of the agate bring together the positive and negative forces that balance the Universe. Relaxing and soothing stone. It works slow but efficiently.

Healing stones – Amber.

Amber healing effects:

Amber, which is worn on our bodies, releases essential oils encapsulated the fossil resin as a result of body heat. These essential oils have a soothing and analgesic effect. The most well-known use is the amber necklace worn to facilitate the grasping of young children.

It can also be used successfully in adults with gingivitis. Amber protects against colds, relieves nasal congestion, fevers and alleviates asthma symptoms. It can be used to strengthen the lungs, relieve symptoms in tonsillitis, cough and chronic bronchitis.

Amber has a good effect on various skin diseases. Can also be used for ulcers, rashes, eczema, allergies and warts. It helps to eliminate dandruff from the scalp. Its anti-inflammatory effect helps with arthritis and tendonitis. Relieves rheumatic complaints, neck stiffness, and pain in inflammation of the spine and hip.

There are two types of amber, succinite – also known as Baltic amber – and retinite. Both are fossils from the Eocene age, which were formed by the solidification of the resin of the trees, and after approx. It has fossilized for 40 million years. Only Baltic amber contains 3-8% succinic acid, which at one time was considered only real amber. Due to its hardness, this is the most suitable for jewelry making.

In China, it was already known in the Middle Ages that amber was formed from the resin of ancient pines. Ancient Chinese writings often mentioned inclusions, the fossils of amber. The Chinese name for amber is the same as “hu-po” for brave people.

The Chinese believed that amber was the physical embodiment of the soul of dead tigers. The ancient Greeks discovered that an amber rubbed with wool attracts paper, feathers and grasses. They considered this a miracle, and the amber was revered as a holy stone.

Healing stones – Amethyst.

Amethyst healing effects:

Is one of our strongest and most effective minerals, one of the 12 Master Crystals. The stone of the crown chakra. Amethyst improves the ability of the brain to concentrate, purifies the blood, balances blood pressure, removes blood clots and has a beneficial effect on vascular problems.

This crystal have a general analgesic effect and is therefore excellent for migraine headaches and also reduces psychological pain. It effectively relieves stress and balances the wearer.

We can use for swelling and skin diseases, relieve the symptoms of eczema and relieve pain caused by arthritis. It stimulates the function of the pancreas and stimulates the immune system.

It was considered by our ancestors as a powerful sedative and spiritual stone. Placing a clean light amethyst under our pillow will ensure a relaxing, deep sleep. It accelerates our spiritual development, help us to see intuitions clearly. It connects the physical, mental, emotional body with the spiritual.

This healing stone transform the negative energies directed at us, thus purifying and protecting our aura. It gives your carrier peace of mind and a sense of security. The use of paranoid schizophrenia is prohibited

There are many shades of purple in all shades, from light violet to dark bluish purple. Its color is not always uniform, it can often see lighter and darker details and may fade under prolonged sunlight. Darker colored crystals are generally rarer. When heated, it changes color, turns yellow, more or less colorless.

Some retailers sell this yellow version as citrine healing stone. Its crystals look simple, but optical examination reveals that they are in concrescence. Occasionally, the concrescence is noticeable even at a single viewing, since fine wavy lines can be seen on a stone break.

Healing stones – Aventurine.

Aventurine healing effects:

Heart problems, sedative, nervous system, stuttering, fat metabolism, cholesterol, myocardial infarction, connective tissue, skin, geopathic stress, electromagnetic smog, sleep, jing-yang energy, aura-protection.

The name aventurine comes from the Italian word “a ventura” = what mean accidentally. They suggest that in XVII. century, it resembles a type of glass accidentally discovered at the Murano glass factory near Venice.

During the production of the glass, copper shavings were accidentally sprayed into the melted silicate resulting in goldfluss. This glass, similar to aventurine, is produced in golden brown, blue and green.

The Aventurin mineral has been known since the 17th century. It has been used as a healing stone and to this day it is also called a heart medicine. An incredible potent soothing mineral, relieves heart problems, nervous system problems, communication problems eg. stuttering.

The fat metabolism is stimulated, lowers cholesterol and helps prevent heart attacks. Strengthen the connective tissues, soothes the skin. Give to the wearer peace and balance, dispels fear, anxiety and encourages a positive attitude to life.

Protects against geopathic stress and the negative effects of electromagnetic smog. It helps deep, soothing sleep. It harmonizes the Jing-Yang energies. Protect our aura from negative influences and energy-vampires.

Healing stones – Carnelian.

Carnelian healing effects:

Stimulate metabolism, is full of energy, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, the female reproductive organs and increases fertility. Improve depression and the symptoms of arthritis.

Have an haemostatic effect, stimulates kidney function and speeds up wound healing. It helps the absorption of minerals and vitamins in the body and ensures proper blood supply to the tissues.

Carnelian was already known in the Middle Ages. It was used for headaches and for childbirth. A carnelian was also found in Egyptian tombs, which shows that they hoped to protect the dead.

Carnelian is a hematite-colored, radial, fibrous version of chalcedony. Its name comes from the Latin word cerasus (cherry), which later became carneolum, which is a flesh-colored gemstone.

His color is orange-red because is rich in iron oxide. It is formed by different degrees of crystallization of colloidal silica. The carnelian also appears in magmatic, metamorphic, sedimentary environments.

It is mined in tubers, used in ancient times to make jewelry, seals and small ornaments. Its largest sites are found in India, Brazil and Russia.

Healing stones – White Quartz.

White Quartz healing effects:

Is a master healer and can be used for any disease. It stimulates the immune system and balances the body. Excellent damping of burns. It balances all chakras and aligns fine bodies.

White Quartz is a structural variant of the mineral species of the oxides and hydroxides, silica (SiO2). Quartz is one of the most widespread minerals in the earth’s crust. It is an essential component of eruptive rocks formed from sour magma.

Quartz grains are made up of deserts, deserts, rivers and, in part, sea sand, gravel, and sandstone. Quartz was the first gemstone to be found in relatively easy-to-find, relatively easy-to-find versions.

It has been used and appreciated by mankind since ancient times this clear crystal. Although its basic material is simple silica, many swear that it still has a magical effect. Its name can also be derived from dictionary of ancient Greeks.

At that time, it was believed that these crystals were formed from frozen ice on the peaks of the Alps. Its name also refers to it, since the “kristallos” mean ice in Greek.

At that time, not only was it used as a raw material for jewellery, but to light up holy fires, they were used crystal lenses to gather and strengthen the rays of the sun. Ever since antiquity, it has continued to play a role as a cheaper, easier-to-find substitute for diamonds. Hence the name Herkimer diamond.

Healing stones – Emerald.

Emerald healing effects:

Physically the emerald heals heart problems, the sinuses, lungs, spinal column, eyes and muscles. It develops the optic nerves, detoxifies the liver, relieves rheumatism and provides protection against infections. Reduce inflammation of joints and predisposition to diabetes.

The Emerald was already known in ancient cultures. In ancient times, he was most cured of eye diseases, while Egyptian Cleopatra wore a great deal of emeralds because she believed that her will benefit beauty and youthfulness for long time.

The Emerald strengthens unconditional love, balances relationships and calms the soul. It enhances mental clarity, enhance clairvoyance, but is thought about emerald that protect you from evil spells. Emerald effects include reducing the symptoms of claustrophobia.

Healing stones – Fluorite.

Fluorite healing effects:

Protective, cell regenerating, respiratory system, ulcer, skin, analgesic, joint problems, aura cleansing, brain functions, learning aid, sedative, geopathic, electromagnetic smog, spiritual development.

Fluorite has been known as a mineral since the 18th century. Very useful protective stone. It has a cell regenerating effect, is effective against viruses, heals the respiratory tract, ulcers, skin diseases and general analgesic.

Relieves adherent joints and relieves complaints caused by arthritis. It cleanses and stabilizes the human aura and improves brain function. Give you confidence.

Learning-helping mineral, systematizes what has been learned so far, and increases concentrating capacity. It reduces stress, soothes and effectively blocks geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog, so if you work hard in front of a computer, put a fluorite healing stone on your desk.

Fluorite eliminates clutter in all areas of life. It earths and unites spiritual energies. It accelerates our spiritual development.

Healing stones – Hematite.

Hematite healing effects:

Hematopoiesis, recovery from disease, cell formation, blood pressure stabilization, brain functions, iron uptake, oxygen supply.

Has been used since antiquity to promote hematopoiesis and bleeding suppression.This is where the name Bloodstone come from. It gives its owner strength and confidence. It primarily helps to recover from major illnesses and ensures healthy blood and cell formation.

In long-term use, it normalizes blood pressure, cleanses blood composition and regenerates brain functions. It improves the body’s oxygen supply and stimulates iron uptake in the small intestine.In the long run, it can also be worn as a piece of jewelry, in contact with the skin, or placed on the appropriate part of the body.

However, it should not be used in inflammation because of its stimulant effect.

Healing stones – Jasper.

Jasper healing effects:

Jasper supports the circulatory, digestive and genital organs. It balances the body’s mineral content.

Jasper mineral has been known for thousands of years. Long time ago, jasper eyes were held in the grip of weapons to protect them from injury. Many varieties are known and besides the general effects, each jasper has its own beneficial effect.

Balance the genital organs and the digestive system. The jasper basically cleanses and transforms the physical body and provides protection to the wearer. It teaches selflessness and modesty.

The blood circulation is stimulated, strengthens the appetite for life and gives patience to its owner. It improves our problem solving ability and has a stress relieving effect. It absorbs negative energies, cleanse the aura.

Healing stones – Magnetite.

Magnetite healing effects:

Cell formation, joints, spine problems, brain stimulant, hormone balance, energy, anti-inflammatory, life goals. Magnetite stimulates the formation of cells through the magnetism of the mineral and give power to organism even in the case of cancer.

Its effects are particularly beneficial for ligaments, spine problems, joint problems, fractures and rheumatism. It regulate hormone balance and stimulates the function of the pituitary gland.

Strong earthing stone, when needed, energize malfunctioning organs, but calms over-charged organs. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves cramps in the body. This help us set new goals and keep them in mind.

These healing stones are suitable to balance the energy flow in the human body.

Healing stones – Malachite.

Malachite healing effects:

The malachite heals extremely versatile. Especially for cramps, including menstrual cramps. And because it facilitates childbirth, it is also called the stone of midwives. It vibrates with the female genitalia and has a good effect on sexual disorders.

Reduce blood pressure, cures asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, bone fractures, swollen joints, outgrowths, travel disorders, dizziness, tumors, optic nerve, pancreas, spleen and parathyroid gland.

Malachite is a copper-containing mineral belonging to carbonate minerals. It is also usually found in thin, needle-like crystals of fibrous, filamentous bunchy appearance, sometimes grown. Its name comes from the Greek name of the mallow (μαλαχή) because the mineral is colored like a leaf of the mallow.

The structure of DNA and cells became harmonized, strengthens the immune system. Help to detoxifying the liver and reduce the acidification of tissues. Wearing it around the waist has a positive effect in case of diabetes.

Healing stones – Moldavite.

Moldavite healing effects:

In case of influenza infections, they increase respiratory system function. It has a very beneficial effect in case of anemia.

Rather than directly curing diseases, Moldavite is more aware of the cause and source of the disorder, and then helps to eradicate them and start the process of self-healing. Those who don’t like the color of dark green often hate emotions.

It requires caution because it is a very strong and deep stone that does not spare the person being treated. Place it on heart, throat, forehead or head. We can use it as a palm stone, holding it in our hands for 10-15 minutes a day. We can wear it as jewelry.

The moldavite in its hand initiates a tremendous flow of energy in the body, able to retrieve information from the Akashic Chronicle, which must then be processed and made aware. This process can take time, but it definitely accelerates the spiritual development and the rise of personal vibration.

Healing stones – Obsidian.

Obsidian healing effects:

The most important feature of obsidian is that it reveals the cause of the disorder. It helps to “digest” anything that is difficult to accept and also has a beneficial effect on physical digestion. Removes blocks and tension in physical and fine bodies, including calcified blood vessels.

In case of pain associated with arthritis, joint problems, cramps and injuries. It relieves pain, stops bleeding, and benefits circulation. Is also useful to reduce enlarged prostate.

Obsidian is one of our oldest known minerals. Already in the Stone Age, it played a decisive role in making the first blades of obsidian and buried them with their leader to protect their carrier in the afterlife.

In ancient times, it was believed to drive out demons and protect its wearer. In the Middle Ages it was used for pain relief and healing, and the Aztec priests predicted it from an obsidian mirror.

Healing stones – Opal.

Opal healing effects:

Opal strengthens the will to live. Cures for Parkinson’s disease, infections and fever; develop memory. It cleans the blood and kidneys, regulates insulin production, facilitates childbirth, and relieves premenstrual symptoms (use dark colors for this). Useful for the eyes, especially as an elixir.

Opal was associated with love, passion, desire and eroticism. Tempting stone; it strengthens emotional states and releases inhibitions. Also stabilize emotions, but since it dissipates energy, it is important that their user to be fully balanced.

Help to clarify emotions or brings them to life, or helps them unite with other stones.It shows our past emotional states. It encourages us to voice our positive emotions. however, you can increase reliability once you have the will.

Healing stones – Rose quartz.

Rose quartz healing effects:

Rose quartz strengthens the heart and circulatory system, and removes pollutants from body fluids. Exposure to thymus glands has a beneficial effect on chest and lung problems. Cures kidneys and adrenals, relieves dizziness. Rose quartz is believed to enhance fertility.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. This is the most important crystal for the heart and chakra, the true meaning of love. At every level, it purifies and opens the heart, providing profound inner healing and self-love. It calms, assures and excels in times of trauma or crisis.

If you want to incorporate love into your life, look no further than the romantic rose quartz. Place it next to your bed or in the corner of your home.

It is so effective in attracting us to love and relationships that you often need an amethyst to slow down the accelerated events.

It restores trust and harmony in existing relationships and enhances unconditional love.

Healing stones – Ruby.

Ruby healing effects:

Ruby detoxifies the body, blood and lymphatic system; has a beneficial effect on fever, infectious diseases and inadequate blood flow. Extremely beneficial to the heart and circulatory system. It stimulates the adrenal glands, kidneys, genitals and spleen.

Ruby was considered the stone of the sun in ancient culture. It is a symbol of passion, vitality and inner fire to this day.

Provide a positive and courageous mindset. Under the influence of the ruby, the mind is sharpened by increased awareness and excellent attention and concentration. Thanks to its protective effect, it strengthens the debate capacity.

Healing stones – Sapphire.

Sapphire healing effects:

Sapphire slows down the body’s overactive systems and regulates the glands. It heals the eyes, remove dirt and stress. It has a beneficial effect on blood diseases, relieve excessively bleeding and strengthens blood vessels, increasing their elasticity.

Sapphires are known as the stones of wisdom, and each color has its own special wisdom. It focuses on the brain; soothe, relieves unwanted thoughts and mental tension.

It provides peace of mind and composure. Sapphire aligns the physical, mental, and spiritual planes, restoring balance within the body.

This stone frees you from depression and spiritual confusion and invigorates attention. It brings prosperity and attracts every good ability. By putting it on the throat, it dissolves the sense of failure and facilitates self-expression.

Healing stones – Sodalite.

Sodalite healing effects:

This healing stone balances metabolism, eliminates excess of calcium and deficiency also, cleanse the lymphatic system and organs, and stimulates the immune system.

Sodalite balances metabolism, eliminates excess calcium and deficiency, cleans the lymphatic system and organs and stimulates the immune system.

It has a beneficial effect on radiation injuries and insomnia. Heal the throat, vocal cords and larynx; useful for hoarseness and indigestion. It reduces fever, blood pressure and stimulates the absorption of fluid in the body.

Sodalite combines logic with perception, bringing information from the higher consciousness to the physical level. Stimulate the pineal gland and third eye, deepens meditation. When using sodalite for meditation, the consciousness is able to touch the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

This stone breeds love for righteousness and our principles; it also allows us to remain true to ourselves and make us to stand up for our convictions.

Sodalite protects against electromagnetic contamination and shields radiation when placed on a computer. Useful for those who are sensitive to electromagnetic smog.

Features of twin flame love and the stages of twin flame encounters.

There is only one twin flame for everyone. He is the other half of our spirit. Their frequency number is the same. They have to be together, constantly looking for a merger.

Your Twin Flame is like you. It shows you a mirror image, which is why it’s hard to bear because it reflects all of the features you don’t like.

Fate will not bring you together – or if it does, it will not – until both parties have found harmony within themselves.

Twin flame love, lovers between montains.

After all, how can you expect someone to accept if you can’t accept yourself? And how can you accept someone who is just like you if you don’t love yourself?

When develop yourself, you raise him, if someone is in bad mood and are negative, you also pull him down. So always be positive!

If have felt these experiences with your beloved one, you’ll have a good chance of really finding your twin flame:

1 – They feel an energy like never before.

It is as if someone are moving into another dimension and time is stopping around them. You shine and you gain a lot of power as your energies merge together with your twin flame.

2 – Don’t understand why, but you love her.

You don’t know her, also don’t know anything about him yet, but with all your cells you desire him,the law of attraction comes into play. Is perfect simply just because he or she exists.

3 – You two feel each other, you know what happens to each other.

You are in tune with each other, you are energetically inseparable. Even if you are not physically in one place with your twin flame.

4 – The spiritual development accelerates.

The infinite love and strength replace your fears. Your twin flame feel himself strong, and you too.

5 – If you are together with twin flame.

If you are together with your beloved one do you feel yourselfe invincible, also successful.

6 – Your energy blends even without a physical touch.

Is a wonderful feeling which isn’t comparable to anything else feeling.

Young dancing couple, wonderful magic twin flame love.

It is believed that when the souls came to earth, the gods split them – one male and one female. Since then, they have been searching for each other for more lives, more incarnations. It is the task of the souls to find their own separated half, and this desire drives them so far from living apart that their destiny somehow guides them to one another.

But most of them only encounter the other half of their souls in their last incarnation. Because twin flame love is not only a wonderful love, it is also a huge responsibility.
The twin flames come together to light their love for others. Their task is to serve others through teaching, by the example, often by healing, by artistic activity, or by some spiritual ministry.

This twin flame love is so beautiful that the couple feels and experiences a wonderful energy connection. It is as if one of them is in pain and the other is feeling it. When one thinks of the other, the other feels it. When one is happy, the other feels it.

They experience miracles.

They experience miracles as if they were gaining everything new meaning, as if every detail was perfectly in place, as if everything had become clear now: all previous experience was to prepare for twin flame love.

The relationship is difficult because their twin flame souls are perfectly the same. They are the same in their love of knowledge, in their behavior towards others, in their humor, in how they deal with their problems, and in many important issues. Thus, when one encounter with one’s self,
one can be spooky.

One’s reactions are reflected in the other’s reactions and are forced to unfold in one’s own development. The warrior ego collapses step by step, missing out on games, as it becomes completely unneeded between two twin flame souls who feel perfectly at ease without uttering words.

They lift each other up, develop together, so they progress very fast in the spiritual realm: they quickly get rid of their fears, have more and more intuition, and become more free in their emotions. Their task is to fulfill the love of the soul, beyond the spiritual highs, in their earthly lives and to serve others with their love.

Does everyone have a twin flame?

No, not everyone, at least not in this life, but there are many and more and more are finding their partner.

There are only three things that cause separation. A low vibration, thinking of your twin flame over there, or subconscious/conscious rejection. That burning in your heart chakra is an indication of one or all three things.

Both of them can recognize each other once they have both reached a certain spiritual level. Therefore, it is rare to have a meeting at the age of twelve or twenty. This level of maturity and awareness means that all two parties must love themselves and be open to
others with love and heart.

When they do, their acceptance is already a good way to recognize each other.

How can i find my twin flame?

It’s a miracle, a fantastic feeling. When we are ready to recognize, it is an unmistakable,
breathtaking experience. It’s like a spark bouncing from one to the other, and the energy of the two becoming a huge fire and merging over their heads. When they talk, they feel as if beyond their own words and posture, their souls are caressing each other without words.

The feeling and thoughts of “I have come home”, “found”, “I know, I love him for a thousand years, just because it exists”, and for long moments everything disappears around them, they exist only for each other.

They release energy that binds them inexorably. The twin flame energy between them connects them together forever. Whatever happens, they can feel each other for thousands of kilometers and find each other in a crowd following the words of their inner voice. Their souls want to be together…

Twin flame love was united by the heavens, and if the two souls were to unite into a common third, nothing could stand in the way: neither an existing marriage nor any other obstacle.

If the twin souls meet while one of them is married, then that marriage is probably about to break down, and that’s why it’s time for them to meet.

While their love can be fulfilled in their earthly existence and work together to serve others, the couple has to go through many difficulties.

Relationships therefore have a lot of pain, but they include the potential for development that will make it a real earthly miracle.