Four Signs You Are Being Attacked By Black Magic

Love avoids you and constantly suffering in unhappy life situations?

Black magick ritual, a witch makes a curse surrounded by black magic objects and black negative energies.
Black magic witchcraft.

Curses and hexes have traditionally been associated with witches and folk tales. You don’t need to have special abilities to give someone a negative feeling or life experience. If we thinking just in energies and forget for a moment about physical world it is already known that thoughts with different vibration waves are even more powerful if they are amplified with words. One of your enemies or a disappointed person by you can easily bring you down – even without much intent. However, you can easily recognize these specific signs.

The weapon of the poor.

Witchcraft with black magic and hexes. How to cast a hex.
Negative energies can destroy your life.

People have believed in the power of the uttered word since ancient times. It was the weapon of the oppressed and the poor. A curse or hex is a kind of attack that’s always based on bad intent. It is often unconscious that this black magick action can be carried out. A curse or hexes is a kind of attack that’s always based on bad intent, but this magic action can be carried out often unconsciously.

If someone spends a lot of time with his own bad intended black thoughts, they are amplified direct proportionally with the length of the time. But not on only everyday activities can it have an unpleasant effect, also in love can have serious consequences. A love affair is basically a romantic thing, but it is undisputed that even without a curse, the privacy of the target person can be ruined.

Signs that you are cursed.

If you have too many bad things going on in your daily life, which may is accompanied by a negative change in your mood,
is not sure that it is a random coincidence – as well as your failed privacy attempts.

Depressing dreams.

Since ancient times, the correct interpretation of dreams were important. If someone in dreams are bonded or is surrounded by black spirits can be a sign that is cursed. Unpleasant sexual dreams, in which someone wants to dominate you. It’s not possible to explain by your uncomfortable position in bed, so there may be a curse in the background.

Regardless of whether you have a friend or not. Suddenly think of someone who you previously never looked like a person who was sympathetic to you. Strange feeling of attachment to someone. It is assumed that the person has sent an unwittingly curse upon you by his boundless devotion.


The eternal fight between evil and God.
Eternal struggle between evil and God.

If you are experiencing the above two symptoms, you must focus much more to the overall bad mood. You may feel yourself weak, tired, restless and can’t find your place at night in bad. You should also suspect that is you victim of black magic.

Heart symptoms.

Do you sometimes feel pain in your heart, or your heart beat faster than usual, or do you feel like your energy is flowing out of there through a black tunnel? If the curse manifests itself in the form of physical symptoms, a medical examination may be warranted. What can you do about it?

First and foremost, must strengthen your positive thinking, by this way you can escape from black magic. If you want protective talismans or amulets, these Wearable objects offers you a high level of protection. At ironmongery stores buy iron pyrite, amber or hematite and carry it in a red bag.

An easier solution might be to knot a red thread nine times and then tie it to your wrist. You can also defeat black magic with salt, which has been used for centuries to counteract black magic negative effects. You can wear smaller crystals of salt on your necklace or get rid of the harmful effects with this ceremony. Add about two tablespoons of salt to one and a half liters of water. Wash yourself with this salted water. Don’t wash down the salt water. Make sure that the salt does not dry out your skin. If these home practices prove to be ineffective, it is the best to consult an expert to remove the curse or hexes from you.

How to cast a love spell

Passionate love

Magic can change our physical reality. These changes can occur at any level, not only materially, but for example
emotionally. By changing a person’s emotions, we can make they to love or hate another person or group.

There is nothing wrong with wanting good things in life, like a new home or a new car, but always think seriously about your intentions before you perform a spell that changes another people, whatever your intention (good or bad).

If you use magic to change a person, you lose that person
position of free will. If you want to do a love spell on one
girl, look at yourself: do you really love her? Or is it just a sudden fling? If you complete a love spell on the girl in question, you will be completely in love with yourself to fool him.

But what would happen if, after a while, you suddenly find out that you don’t did you want him? So think carefully before you do any magic that works, but if you feel you can not live without the dream woman or dream man, you have everything in it!

Love magic

For this love spell you have to go outside and get a fresh rose. If
you won’t find roses, for example because of the season, any larger flower will do. Grab a pink candle and write down your name and the name of your future partner. Put down two small pieces of paper next to the candle, one with your name and the other with your future lover.

Light the candle and say:

“We become one, she and me,
By the power of t19rue love.
Give me your love; I’ll give mine,
Faithful love moves into us.
The flame of your love flies for me.
Our hearts are beating for one another.
So be it, scorching love is waiting,
You are mine by love. ”

Repeat the above magic spell three times and see each time
in front of you as the woman/man runs towards you.
After the third repeat, visualize as the person you want to hug and hear them say:

“I love you (your name),forever! “

Let the candle burn. Then go somewhere where you find land.

Take the rose and the two pieces of paper with you. Gather one of the papers tightly and wrap it in an19other. Place them in the center of the flower and fold them on the petals.

Dig a hole in the ground, put the flower in it and say:

“As this flower withers, it withers
all your resistance towards me. From that day on
we will be together in the deepest love. ”

It won’t take long for this spell to come true, but you’ll have to wait until the flower completely withers.

Personal attraction

You need to buy some essential oil for this spell. Any oil doing what is under Venus’s control. Patchouli or Ylang-Ylang is perfect choice. These can easily be obtained from health stores.
The next step is to bathe in good warm water. The water should not be too hot, just as much as still pleasant. As the water flows, pour a few drops oil.

Once the tub is full, immerse yourself in the water. It will be very good, it will relax you. Now grab a rag and dip it fully into the water. Now start with your body upper rub part of it in a downward motion. As you do this, imagine washing away all of your doubts and worries. Say it out loud with a monotone sound like a robot:

“I wash away all the negative energy about myself.
I’m clean and free. “

After you have cleansed your entire body, lie down in the tub.
Close your eyes and see yourself lying in the tub as if you were looking down from the ceiling. Visualize your whole being shining in light green. When you see this in front of you, tell yourself this:

“From this day on, I carry the light of love with me.”

Now you can get out of the tub and drain the water. As the water slowly disappears down the drain, confirm to yourself that every negative energy disappears with the water.

The spell is ready, let yourself dry, don’t wipe it. Notice you will assume that people will seek your company, and the opposite gender will find you more attractive. Repeat the spell if you feel you need reinforce your confidence.

Breaking a love affair.

This spell is for those whose partner is in a relationship with someone. I warn you, be very careful, this spell should not be used for personal malicious purpose, because you will not be happy, if hit back at you.

Get a piece of clothing from one of the lovers, doesn’t matter which from which one. Get one needle and put it in the center of the garment, then wrap the needle. Then the whole thing tie it with black thread or thread. Take a bowl of water and sprinkle with lots of salt and pepper. Above the mix say:

“This will wash away the love from whomever I choose.”

Go out into your garden and dig a pit that the garment fits into. Eventually anywhere you can dig a pit – park, cemetery, forest – no one should see you. When the package is in place, pour the water on it and say:

“(name of the owner of the garment), (lover’s name)
your love for her has cooled down, and your love has cooled
he dies, so does his. There is nothing between you anymore,
just distrust.”

Cover the pit with earth and say:

“So be it!”

Then do your daily tasks and forget about the magic. As
any negative energy spell, it will work fast. Both of them
most likely will quarrel, and within a few days their destiny
will be separated.